Caspar Thomas:
Master of Sleight of Hand

Experience phenomenal sleight of hand stage and close-up magic performed by a master magician with over a decade of professional experience in creating wonder and astonishment.

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Fantastic magician who had the wow factor. Even in a loud environment he tailored his performance to the more optical side of things. Sleight of hand was really impressive.
Chris Wright,
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See Caspar on tour with his latest show “Caspar Thomas: The Art of Close-Up Magic”

Stunning magic. Unbelievable skill. Elegant performance. Pure close-up magic and sleight of hand, with no stooges, no electronics, no camera tricks! All presented in style by an understated showman.

  • Brighton Fringe: 17, 18 & 19 May 2024

    Virtually the resident magician of the Brighton Fringe, Caspar returns to make his 8th appearance at the festival.

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  • Tunbridge Wells Fringe: 6 July 2024

    Caspar makes his debut appearance at Tunbridge Wells.

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  • Buxton Fringe: 20 & 21 July 2024

    Caspar returns to Buxton having been nominated last year for a Fringe award for show excellence.

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  • Edinburgh Fringe: 31 July - 26 August 2024

    This is Caspar’s 9th full run at the Edinburgh Fringe, performing at the prestigious Gilded Balloon “Patter Hoose”.

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Enhance any event with magic to make it welcoming, engaging and memorable

Making the impossible, possible, magic is an ideal form of event entertainment.  It creates a common topic of conversation and brings people together - especially those who don't already know each other.

Private & Family events

Add the wonder of magic to your intimate gatherings.  Let Caspar create moments that will make your guests gasp. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or simply bringing your family together, professional close-up magic will add a memorable touch to your special occasion.

Magic for the Corporate World

Elevate your company's event with a sophisticated magic performance.  From product launches to summer and Christmas parties, a highly-skilled show will leave a lasting impression on your event’s delegates and make them realise you’ve gone the extra mile.

Conventions & Trade Shows

Attract and captivate attendees at your convention or trade show stand with interactive and visually stunning magic. Caspar creates a buzz and draw crowds, making your brand stand out memorably in a sea of competitors.

Are you looking for a magician to your private or corporate event? Claim your commitment-free consulation!

I am more than happy to provide guidance and answer any questions you might have.

Send me a message, or call me for a commitment-free consultation to discuss your idea, and together we will find the best solution for you.

Caspar Thomas - Magician
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About me

As a professional magician, I have dedicated my life to the art of magic. Since the age of eight, magic has been my passion, and I have honed my skills to create extraordinary experiences for my audiences. I specialize in performing for adult audiences, creating sophisticated and mesmerizing illusions that leave a lasting impression.

My performances combine classic and modern sleight-of-hand techniques, with a focus on creating intimate and engaging experiences. I have had the privilege of performing at a wide range of events, from private parties and corporate functions to public shows and festivals.

My Mission

My mission is to create moments of wonder and astonishment that leave my audiences questioning reality. I believe that magic has the power to bring people together, to inspire imagination, and to create unforgettable experiences. Through my performances, I aim to transport my audiences to a world where the impossible becomes possible.

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I have seen Caspar's magic at a number of business events. Caspar's engagement with his audience, technical proficiency, and impeccably timed denouement leave me inspired and wondering for days afterwards. Could it be magic? Thoroughly recommended whether for corporate events or public shows or private functions.
Zoltan Zavody
Manual Therapist, Adagio Hands
Caspar’s close-up private magic shows are for hire and absolutely fantastic.

I have seen a huge number of his shows and tricks and every single one amazes me. Caspar always has fresh tricks that I haven’t seen him perform before, all of which leave me stunned. You’ll have to book him and see it for yourself to believe it!! Ideal for small and large groups for adult entertainment at private parties and work do’s. Casper, also works close up and mix and mingle shows for weddings, marriages bar mitzvahs and other social events.
Wesley Robinson
Director, Square Mile Cleaning
Caspar performed at a private event for me and my family.

The tricks were intriguing, leaving me wondering how some of them were even possible. He is obviously very good at what he does! It’s great to experience up close slight of hand magic. It’s not something you normally get to see at magic show nowadays. I’d highly recommend him to anyone who wants to add something special to their own event.
Family Event
I’ve had the privilege of seeing a number of Caspar’s close up magic performances and I can honestly say that he’s an exceptional magician, a true gentleman and engaging performer.  I’ve repeatedly tried to figure out how he does his magic and staring intently so as to catch the trick and I’ve not been able. It must be magic! Caspar would be a worthy addition to any private event and is highly recommended.
Gavin Camilleri
VP of Company